Seminar on withdrawal of psychiatric drugs
Friday 16 March 2018
Hotel Nyborg Strand, Denmark

At the request of several psychiatrists, we are offering a seminar on psychiatric drug withdrawal during the annual meeting of the Danish Psychiatric Association. We shall explain why most patients would benefit from having their drugs withdrawn and how to do it in practice.

One of psychiatry’s biggest challenges is that hundreds of thousands of Danes are currently receiving treatment with psychiatric drugs. Many of these patients would get a better life if their drugs were withdrawn and many would want to come off their medication but cannot get professional help to assist them in doing so.

The course will be held in the morning and repeated in the afternoon. Participation is free, but registration is required. Please send an email to and specify if you want to to participate in the morning or the afternoon session.

The course will be held in Danish by professor of Clinical Research Design and Analysis and physician, Peter C. Gøtzsche and psychologist and PhD student, Anders Sørensen.

Peter held a course on psychiatric drug withdrawal in Copenhagen in 2017 and taught psychiatrists on a similar course in Göteborg in 2017. He is a co-founder of the International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal.

Anders does research on psychiatric drug withdrawal at the Nordic Cochrane Centre and is currently working on a Cochrane review on the subject. He has helped many patients withdraw, including many who failed to succeed previously due to abstinence symptoms.

Link to the invitation (in Danish)
Link to practical tips and tricks and an abstinence chart:




Pilot study: Withdrawal from Psychiatric Drugs: How, When and Why

The Institute is offering a first-of-its-kind course, which is led by Institute Faculty members with an expertise in the practice of withdrawing from psychiatric drugs. The course is designed for psychiatrists/prescribers, mental health professionals, psychologists, family members and to those concerned. Each participant contributes with essential experience and knowledge in close cooperation with the group.

The facilitators for the first part of the course are Sami Timimi, Olga Runciman and Carina Håkansson. These three professionals have extensive experience working with helping adults and children taper off psychiatric medications successfully.

The second part of the course will focus on current research, and implementation of tapering protocols. The facilitators for the second part are Robert Whitaker, Peter Gøtzsche, Will Hall and Carina Håkansson.