Carina Håkansson, Sweden

PhD in psychology, licensed psychotherapist and lecturer, Founder of the IIPDW

Founder of Family Care Foundation, Carina Håkansson was in charge of that organization until 2015 when she left to create The Extended Therapy Room Foundation. This was a continuation of her many years of collaborative work with those called clients, their families, family homes and professionals.

The main purpose of The Extended Therapy Room Foundation is to describe and develop, through a social and therapeutic practice, a humanistic knowledge arising from both ordinary life knowledge and therapeutic understandings. In daily practice, the Extended Therapy Room aims to be an alternative to the psychiatric system.

Carina’s books include:
Håkansson, C (2014). The Extended Therapy Room – Coming from an Authentic Place. University of Jyväskylä

Håkansson, C (2009). Ordinary Life Therapy. Taos Institute Publications